Big Sur Central Coast Adventure

After my engagement session in Carmel I headed to Big Sur for 5 days of camping, hiking and photographing the Central Coast. I spent 2 days at Pfeiffer Beach and all my favorite pictures from the trip were taken there. The hole in the rock that you're looking at is called the "Keyhole" and it's super famous among landscape and nature photographers. I've seen this place online and I've heard photographers talk about it but this was my first time there. Luckily and I might add coincidentally I arrived to photograph this rock at the perfect time of year when the sun sets in just the right place to create this natural phenomenon. The light streaming through the whole and the waves crashing on the rocks create the most amazing effect. I feel so blessed to have been there. It was an experience I will never forget. I will absoulutely be printing these images to myself and anyone else who wants to enjoy them!