Alisha + Hector Engagment Session Laguna Beach, CA

Alisha & Hector were so much fun to photograph and we couldn't have asked for better weather in January. We started in Laguna Beach Canyon and then headed down to the beach for sunset. The park we shot it is pretty incredible with all sorts of hiking trails and a variety of trees. When we got to the beach I almost didn't recognize it! All the sand must have been swept out to see because all the rocks and tide pools were exposed. This really made for some awesome photos but we had to be very cautious on the fragile tide pools. We shot for an hour or so on the beach and I could tell Alisha and Hector were worn out and poor Alisha was freezing(it was January and a tad nippy). We hung out on the beach for a bit to watch the sunset and when I saw that sun dip down I called over to Alisha and asked if they would like a few more pictures. They agreed and the last few pictures we took as the sun was setting were totally epic! I believe all of us will remember that day for a lifetime.